Zortrax Apoller

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Zortrax Apoller is a desktop smart vapor smoothing device offering industrial class performance. Every aspect of a smoothing process is managed by proprietary algorithms to get the looks of FDM 3D printed models on par with injection molded items.

SVS technology

Zortrax Apoller's SVS (Smart Vapour Smoothing) technology is based on advanced proprietary algorithms that control the temperature, pressure, and concentration of solvent vapours in a double-sealed airtight smoothing chamber. The pressure in the chamber is kept below ambient pressure at all times to prevent the vapours from escaping.

Solving the low-scale production

Contracting external suppliers, almost no room for adjustments, and high cost per unit are among major issues with low-scale production because the economy of scale is not yet there to bring the prices down. Once significant resources are invested in making injection molds for a new product, a business is basically all-in.

Vacuum system

The vacuum system in Zortrax Apoller prevents the pressure inside the smoothing chamber from getting higher than the pressure outside of it even after the solvent has been vaporized. That's why the vapors are kept inside the chamber instead of being pushed out of it.

Advanced vapors' circulation and condensation system

The vapors in the Zortrax Apoller smoothing chamber ar circulated upward to evenly cover the models. Fragile and intricate details are covered with less solvent to keep their shape intact. Once it's done, the condensation system retrieves the excessive solvent that can be reused.

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Starter Kit
Wymiary zewnętrzne urządzenia
671 x 396 x 388 mm
Wymiary wewnętrzne urządzenia
340 x 270 x 260 mm
Maksymalny pobór mocy
1500 W
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300 x 250 x 250 mm
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